Kamis, 14 November 2013

The London hotels reduce their income per room

Last summer did not end in the city of London in a positive way , because although good data of visitors who have known and visited London during the month of August, there has been a significant decline in revenues that each of hotels are per room and this is something that concerns different hotel establishments throughout the city and is therefore negative news for them.

So far we know that over the last August room revenue dropped around 14.5% , which is a very significant decline that comes after a significant decline in the price of the rooms of many of the hotels in London , whose goal was to promote tourism .

Interestingly the high demand for hotel rooms has made ​​the price falls so much that in some cases the profitability of hotels per room has been seriously injured and these data for August are not exactly very positive for most of the hotels the English city .

In this sense the summer in general can not be considered positive , although at least been good occupancy data London hotels throughout the month of August and during the rest of the summer , which usually is usually a time of year with great activity by foreign tourists who have free time on vacation.